Assessments, Audits and Risk Management

Cipher offers various security assessments and audits to:

  • Identify Risk by determining the Assets of an Organization and the Threats as well as Vulnerabilities related to these Assets.
  • Identify the Risk Owner.
  • Analyse the Risk to determine the Impact and Likelihood of occurrence.
  • Develop a Risk Management Implementation Plan to put the correct controls in place to mitigate the identified risks according to the risk appetite of your organization.

Design, Procurement, Project Management, and Commissioning

What professional engineering services related to Security can Cipher deliver?

  • We can assist clients to develop an organizational physical security strategy based on a sound security framework and the unique risks inherent to the client’s environment.
  • We can assist clients to develop a security standard including general and maintenance specifications for a security solution that will comply with the needs defined in the security strategy.
  • We can assist clients to develop a process, that is compliant with the procurement department standards, required to award a security installation project. This includes the development of all tender documentation and general installation details.

Cipher Engineering pride ourselves on delivering quality solutions taking into consideration the unique requirements of our Clients’ operational and business needs. Therefore, it is important to closely collaborate the installation with the following departments and their relevant standards and processes:

  • Security Department
  • IT Department
  • Procurement Department

Turnkey Installations

Cipher Engineering does offer a full turnkey solution option which mitigate the risk of delays and can greatly reduce the overall expenditure of a project.